Artist Statement

Using the language and tools of architecture, I explore the passage of time and our relationships to the spaces where our lives unfold. I consider the room as an extension of the self, and I use the architectural model as a container for human memory.

I work in a hybrid space that I call 2.5D, where depth is simultaneously flattened and lengthened, and the digital and physical merge. From Hellenistic mosaics to trompe l’oeil frescoes to 21st century digital renderings, illusion has long been used to represent physical space and manipulate visual perception. Perspective is a construct that we have come to accept as truth, but there is no point at which people or objects vanish. There is no singular point of view.

I’ve extrapolated a Vanitas painting into a 3D model, and I’ve painted a vaulted bedroom ceiling onto unstretched muslin. I’ve recreated people’s memories using SketchUp, interlacing my interpretation with their narratives. The crux of my work – whether highly rendered digital animation or abstract painting – is that vantage point is not fixed. I explore the ways in which we filter information in and out of our stories, and in how we perceive our worlds. I’m interested in the layers that both obstruct and deepen our understanding of the world. What do we choose to see? And what do we look away from?